Historical information


Historical information

Department of  Medicinal Chemistry was founded in 2004 according to the rector’s order №125 of April 7, 2003„ On reorganization activities on university improvement».


At the department students are trained in the specialty Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy; in educational programs Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Technologies of perfumery and cosmetics and next subjects are taught: Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutical and cosmetic chemistry, Standardization of medicines, Standardization of perfume and cosmetic products; special courses (till 2009) – The search and creation of medicines, Quality control of perfumery and cosmetic products, Methods of metabolism research for native and English masters (till 2019).

Since 2010 department has trained english-speaking students on specialty «Clinical Pharmacy», since 2013 – on specialty «Pharmacy».

Since the foundation of department 2 Doctors of Pharmacy have acquired the Professor Title, 4 PhDs have acquired the Title of Associate Professor.

Now teaching stuff of the department includes 4 Doctors of Pharmacy and 13 PhDs.

Since 2004 till July 2016 D.Sc in Chemistry, Professor, Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine, Laureate of State Ukrainian Award in the sphere of science and technology Ivan Gritsenko has been the head of department.

Now Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy Lina Perekhoda is the head of department.

Historical information

For the fifteen years the department in co-authorship with other departments has published ten scientific and methodical publications with the stamp of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

– textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (three editions in Ukrainian 2008, 2011 and 2017);

– textbook “Pharmaceutical chemistry” (in Russian – 2017);

– textbook “Organic Chemistry” (in Ukrainian – 2008);

– the manual “Medicinal chemistry” (in Ukrainian -2017);

– the manual “From substance to medicine” (in Russian – 2005);

– the manual “Pharmaceutical Analysis”  (in Ukrainian – 2013; Russian- 2016);

– textbook  “Collection of Tests in Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (in Ukrainian –  2015).

 In 2017 the department’s author team published a monograph “History of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry”.

Scientific acivities of the department are: purposeful synthesis of  biologically active substances, malonic derivatives, camphoric, aromatic carboxylic acids, as well as five and six-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycles for the purpose of creating new medicinal substances.

Department cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign scientific organizations, such as «DuPont» (USA), National Cancer Institute (USA), Institute of Organic Chemistry NAS of Ukraine, State Scientific Institute for Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine etc.

During 2005-2021 more than 300 scientific articles were published, 75 scientific patents were received. One scientific patent has special state Award.

At the department new perspective medicinal substances such as hemostatic «Succiphenate», thyreostatic «Thyreokhine», chondoprotector «Oxaglucamine», NSAIDs «Ortholone», «Benzodiоx», antidepressant «Anglyusine», antimicrobial substances «Bromoetacrine» , «Chloroetacrine» have been created and proposed for the further research.

The scientists of the department took part in almost 100 conferences. For example, Professor Svetlana Taran took part in the international conference «Science and technology for human» (Toronto, Canada).

Now the department constantly develops for new scientific achievements.


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